• Frequently Asked Questions

What is advocacy?

Simply put, advocacy is speaking “up” to help change the status quo by informing and shaping policy.  It might mean telling a doctor you disagree with a treatment, telling a teacher you want different help, or telling a lawmaker they need to understand a different perspective.  It is a way of approaching life.

What ages do you help?

We work with all ages, from birth to geriatric.

Are you a lawyer?

No. I am a member of COPAA (Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates), but do not practice law.

Can you help with SSI?

We can help with filing applications and appeals.  We know the system and the underlying rules.

What about Medicaid (Mo Healthnet) / Medicare?

We can help with filing applications and appeals. We can help identify waivers and other related services.

Will you come to my IEP?

We can attend IEPs and have done so many times. We seek to empower the family and student with information and strategy so they can be confident in leading their own IEPs.

What about 504 plans?

We can help draft, implement, and support 504 plans.

Can you find a home for my adult child with a disability?

We can help chart a process to finding long-term housing solutions. We cannot guarantee placement as each case is individualized.

What about guardianship?

We are well versed on the current state of guardianship and can advise you on this important life decision. We are not attorneys and therefore are not able to file the paperwork with the probate courts.

What about financial planning and trusts?

We can help you understand the many financial options that are available as they relate to disability. We are not financial planners, but can help you identify trusted CFPs that will understand your unique situation.

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